The Ezra Taft Benson Society was created in honor of Ezra Taft Benson, prophet, leader, statesman.

Among the most notable of Ezra Taft Benson’s accomplishments are his promotion of the principles of liberty and good government, also his testimony of the Book of Mormon, and most importantly in leading souls to Christ through the Gospel of Liberty.

The objective of the Ezra Taft Benson Society is to promote an understanding of our civic responsibilities, the principles of liberty and good government, in light of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The objectives of The Ezra Taft Benson Society will be accomplished through a combination of creating and using new media (websites, blogs, video, social networking) and local community involvement.

How is the Ezra Taft Benson Society different from other groups and organizations dedicated to promoting the cause of liberty?

The Ezra Taft Benson Society recognizes that Jesus Christ is the God of this land, that the solutions to today’s problems are found in the Scriptures, and that righteousness exalteth a nation. Among the many components of righteous living is educating ourselves and upholding our civic responsibilities.

All of our efforts will be approached from a gospel perspective. The teachings of the scriptures and modern prophets will have an influence on every aspect of The Ezra Taft Benson Society. We seek to compliment the efforts of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and as members of the Church, we will actively promote those things which the prophets have taught are the responsibility of individual members.

“I would like to throw out a challenge to the elders of Israel, my brethren of the priesthood, that we put forth an effort to prepare ourselves for statesmanlike work. The Prophet Joseph, as you will recall, had something to say regarding the important part which the elders of Israel would play in the safeguarding, if not the saving, of the Constitution of this land.”

“It is my conviction that only in this land, under this God-inspired Constitution, under an environment of freedom, could it have been possible to have established the Church and kingdom of God and restored the gospel in its fulness. It is our responsibility, my brethren and sisters, to see that this freedom is maintained, so that the Church can flourish in the future.” (Ezra Taft Benson. “Our Duty as Citizens” 920, 922)

What tools will are used to promote the cause of the Ezra Taft Benson Society?

The Ezra Taft Benson Society uses multiple educational tools including videos, websites, printed materials, social networks, social media, and other types of marketing.

What are the origins of the Ezra Taft Benson Society?

ETBS FounderMuch of what we are attempting to accomplish is already a part of our past and current successes. With The Ezra Taft Benson Society we seek to take our efforts to a whole new level, allowing for even greater success – success being defined as a greater number of individuals gaining education, awareness, and a desire to uphold their civic responsibilities.

The Ezra Taft Benson Society Founder has published many articles, and is the creator of, a popular website featuring quotes, talks and other teachings of prophets and apostles on freedom and the Constitution. He is also the creator of the LDS Freedom Forum – an active online discussion forum for Latter-day Saints – and has created Freedom-related YouTube videos that have been viewed by thousands of people. The ETBS founder also has experience in organizing many lectures and study groups.

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  1. Mike Aldana Says:

    Hi. If E.T.B. were here I’m confident he would be speaking out against the usurpers of/in the government economy. The real economic causes of societies problems and of the sad state of Zion and America. Which is specifically the rotten money system of the world, the federal reserve. Wisdom is indeed required to look into alternatives to the official government money system. For starters you may wish to read about some NON-POLITICAL approaches to money. Please feel free to see the 3 books by E.C. Riegel on the site at
    No need to continue to beg for money.
    Mike Aldana

  2. Marilyn Taylor Says:

    Am looking forward to being a part of this. Hope you will keep us updated. Thanks!

  3. Arlene Anderson Says:

    Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah for the elders of Israel! I have been troubled about how the elders of Israel can step forward to save a Constitution that is in danger when they know so little about it and what is threatening it. I can see that this will be a great educational tool to help prepare them for that mission.

  4. Mr. Beglarian Says:

    do you offer a free email newsletter ?

  5. Connie Fielding Says:

    This is a good idea to start this organization. I am linked on FB. I had a dream 22 years ago where Pres. Benson appeared to me in a dream/vision and gave me a warning! Few were listening to him back then. We would not be where we are today as a nation if more had taken him seriously and believed him.

  6. Mark Andrew Beach Says:

    This is wonderful and I would like to know how we can be more personally involved in addition to donating. I welcome someone to contact me. Thanks.

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